Friday, February 13, 2009

A Red Letter Day at the Blue Water Day Spa

Imagine gazing at the deep blue of the ocean, the grainy sand massaging your feet, while basking in the warmth of your loved ones company...

Hmm, such indulgence need not be a mere cinematic experience. For the Blue Water Day Spa has come up with the World's First Spa Theater.

Now, far be it for me to have my family miss out on such a great relaxing adventure. Why, it would almost be criminal. So, let me whip out my pocket calendar and do a mental rearranging of our family schedule.

My 9 year old daughter will need no further urging to try movie watching whilst lounging in a very comfortable chair. She is also enough of a lady to enjoy the gentle pampering of foot, back and shoulder massage. Now that is definitely a treat off school.

My husband, on the other hand, will definitely sing his heart out in the midst of his relaxing massage. What a wonderful gift to him whose always a bit drawn after a day's work.

And, for myself? Just the thought of lying back and letting someone work their magic on my weary muscles is pure enjoyment. But, with my family there to share it with?

Let me say no more. I'm sure you'll head out there to enjoy it, too. And, know what? What you'll get is infinitely more than what you imagined...

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Francis Simisim said...

Hi, Thanks for joining the competition. But there's just something missing, the link to and is not in the post. Don't worry you have time to post it up.

Competition's closing on the 15th of february.

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