Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Perfect

Whoever said that lightning strikes once is dead. Wrong, that is. Let me tell you why.

I'm the classic bookworm, not the type to go out much. I would immerse myself in my fictional world days at a time never minding anything except that. Thus, at the ripe old age of 23, I've never had a boyfriend nor actively looked for one. Oh, I would sometime wish myself the same raptures that some of my lovestruck friends have found. But, only momentarily, for I would always go back to my fictional world of books where everything beautiful is possible. A dreamer, I guess. But, I had no desire to be awakened.

So there I was, happily traipsing through the romance novels and whodunit mysteries I so love when D-day came.

It was a perfectly normal eve. My mother was preparing our dinner and I was in the living room with, of course, the requisite, never without, pocketbook of the day (that's how fast I gobble up books!) when lo and behold a good-looking, really tall guy came knocking on our door. I was, quite literally, struck dumb. Here I was, still in a rosy-colored mood from my current reading of romance novel and a dashing guy comes knocking on my doorstep? Am I being put to the test, I asked myself? I resolved not to be swayed by some mysterious forces I believe quite determined to wreck my book-perfect, albeit fantasy world. I am after all, perfectly fine and happy with it.

"Uhmm, yes?" I asked the guy after several moment of staring at his seemingly perfect face with its chinky eyes, chiseled nose and thin but well-shaped lips. But, I obstinately thought to myself, no one can beat the good-looking hero on my current book of the day. Why, he's too perfect to even be touched by this mere mortal.

"Uh, well. I'm Gabriel, Nhoriel, your cousin's friend? He told me to meet him here," the guy said, staring at me quite expectantly. My, I thought, he's quite tall. Come to think of it, he does have a fighting chance with my book-perfect hero.

"Oh, he went out just now," I said doubtfully. And, not wanting to, but driven by years of being taught on good manners and right conduct first at home and then at the all-girl Catholic school I've attended all through elementary and high school, "Would you like to sit down and wait for him here? He should be back any minute."

He smiled beautifully and I wanted to retract my invitation then. Feeling that I'm letting myself in for something I'm not quite sure what. But, there's no turning back for he was stepping inside and with a nod of trepidation from me, went right on ahead to sit on our sofa.

And, thus it started. We talked hesitatingly at first but more comfortably after. I learned afterwards that my cousin, who used to teach me so much for being such a homebody, set it up in such a way that I can't refuse him. He made his friend come to the house so we could meet. He already told Gabriel much about me.

It was a heady and frightening feeling. To be pursued by someone that good-looking and nice and sweet. I tried to fight it at first, spending more time with my school friends just so I could see if I'd miss him. And I did, so much that I finally admitted that real life can't be beat. Real people who shows you how special you are are just too precious to be let go. And, that no matter how much you hide from the world, whether it be books or cars or pets or a favorite hobby, you can't be excused. People will always touch your lives and you'll be blessed and enriched.

I have never been more so. Gabriel and I have a beautiful daughter now. We married a year after meeting each other. Growing more loving each day. And, its not the book-perfect union I imagined it would be for we do fight and squabble some days. But, its even more real and mature because of it. I would never trade any of it. What I am right now, I am because of the people I love and who love me in return.

I would like to think of my life now as a well-loved book. More beautiful with each passing page. Richer with new and varied characters and more valuable with age and tear. My hero is real and he came in the name of Gabriel.

Love strikes not once but every moment that you rejoice with the people you're with. Be struck again and again and be happy with it. It is for real.


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