Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To Each His/Her Own

Let me take the liberty of taking this out of context. I'll be using it to refer to couples or two people in a relationship and there's an extra (terrestrial) someone wanting to butt in (literally).

Now, it need not be said that the act or even the intention of taking someone or something that is not yours is, well, just plain b_ll s _ _t. Not that we look on our partners as possesions but we'd appreciate it if others would respect the "Hands Off, Taken" sign we all but put in for all the world to see.

Of course, it takes two to tango. So, we can't disregard the fact that our partners ultimately have the say in things.

But, you know how a person instinctively feels when someone is making a play on your partner? Especially with women? No offense to the male species but they can be pretty dense about this. Or it doesn't matter that much to them. That, even if they do know it, they just feel flattered and think that they can handle it.

But, it's different with women. We know that proximity breeds temptation. And, that even if a guy says that it doesn't matter, it does matter. A lot. To us, and our peace of mind about our relationship.

For most of us women, avoidance is still the best answer to a definite threat to a relationship. We don't say it to our partners, but, if we could, without being accused of being possesive and jealous, we'd say to avoid that officemate who seem to be always around him in meetings and hovering during breaks and downtime in the office. Or to lessen the get-togethers with that female classmate or a friend who seem to have an awful lot of time just to ask how he's doing. Or to make pasama somewhere.

Gosh, the ploys are sometimes so obvious you can just puke. Like, duh, are you that desperate you'd have to make a play for another's boyfriend or worse, husband?

There are lots of available guys and gals out there. You don't have to make a play for someone just to feel that you're attractive and that you're irresistable. Respect the relationship that two people have made. I assure you that they've both put a lot of effort into it. It's an unspoken and sacred rule that, unless a person is totally free; mind, heart and legality, you must NEVER try your charms on that person. Not only are you risking your eyes being scratched out (for women), or getting beaten up (for men), but putting shame on that age-old adage of what's Jane is Jane's as Tarzan is.

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