Saturday, April 01, 2006

Recognition Day

My CSR kindergarten daughter, Chantelle, had their Recognition Day last March 28. Good thing it was my rest day. My husband, though, had to take a leave off work so he and I can both attend.

The kinder students wore a costume of the profession/work they want to be in someday. My daughter told her adviser that she wanted to be a nun (and, this coming from a 5 year old who, most of the time, squabbles noisily with her friends and classmates!). But, nun it is and so we went to Quiapo to have her costume tailored.

Pricey costumes and all, my daughter and her classmates looked really adorable in their little workers outfits. Aside from Chantelle the Nun, there was Lloyd the Marine Officer (complete with gold shoulder bars), Kristine the Nurse (with the cap), Ashford the Dentist, JB the Motorcross Racer, Christine the Teacher, Kim the Police, a funky streetdancer, and others.

There was a short program where the kids showed off their dancing and singing prowess. They were really cute, small arguments, uncoordinated movements, little pushing between them and all.

Watching my daughter up on the stage, I felt both proud and happy. My little girl is growing up so fast I hardly have time to take it all in. A year from now, she'll be in grade school. Soon, it will be high school and then college. But, I'm getting way ahead of myself and I really do want my daughter to enjoy each and every minute of her life.

Children really are a joy. There are hardships, sure, with the complex juggle of family, work and finances, but it doesn't really weigh at all. At the end of the day, when you're surrounded by the people you hold most dear, happy and content, you can only thank Him for the many blessings, hard work included because you're able to provide for them.

When our family went up on stage to receive Chantelle's gold medal for being the Most Friendly in her Kindergarten class, I see her life journey unfolding. We, her parents, promise to be there with her every step of the way.


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