Monday, March 13, 2006

Of Life's Ties

When I delivered that happy and hopeful speech in my senior year in High School about our journey just beginning and that we're all excited about the coming changes and how we'll still keep in touch, I really meant it. I didn't think for one moment that it would be the last time our batch will be together. I had this naive and quite foolish notion that, life, family, and careers notwithstanding, we can still get together.

It's been more than a decade now. After trying unsuccessfully, it seems, to get even my five closest High School friends together; I realized that that dream is doomed. Life, it seems, has a way of making people form bonds that either lasts or lets up.

It is sad. Even when you know that a friend is doing really well in a foreign country, successfully busy in a chosen career, or is even happily attached to someone, the distance and the virtual non-communication dampens the happiness and pride that you feel for him/ her.

That's why in every uttered word of "That's great!" or "I'm very proud of you" over a friend's ebullient news of work or personal commitment, underneath it lies a regretful acceptance that things will be taking a sad change. The bonding time such as coffee, movie, or dinner get-togethers will dwindle if not disappear entirely. Add to that, the consequent significant moments (birthdays, anniversaries, birth, etc) in your and your friend's life that will be missed. There will be changes that, sometimes, you'll feel like you're losing friends.

But, that's how it is. We meet people; we form bonds, lose touch and then meet new ones. I guess one just has to get used to it. Anyway, people that really matters to you, you'll find ways on how to treasure, distance notwithstanding. Also, communication nowadays is very much aided with technology with planes that turned weeklong travels into hours, cell phones (text and calls), computers (emails and chats), that surely it won't be too much of an effort to get in touch with friends.

Although, nothing beats physical presence, those commiserating hugs, the hearty laughs, the high-fives, the pat of the hand, we make do with what we have. Hmm, technology can sometimes be cold but it definitely has its use. So, why don't you go send an email, text a message or even call your friend? I assure you, it won't go unnoticed.

And, those emoticons? They do come in handy.