Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Nice Spot by the Bay

baywalk baywalk at nite

Manila Bay has always been famous for its spectacular sunsets. Many a photo has been taken of its darkening sky streaked with the last rays of the fading sun. The beauty of it used to stop there because no one dared to stay long on that darkened boulevard with the shady characters it might attract. That is, until the good mayor of Manila had the wisdom to fix the place up. Brightly colored lights were put up, the road fixed, several establishments set up and voila! The place becomes an instant tourist attraction. Crowded by people not only during the day but on nights as well.

It has actually become an "in" place where the youngsters and the young at heart go out for a night of fun by the sea with additional attractions thrown in such as good food, cool drinks, live bands, stand-up comedians, mimes, karaoke and a lot more. And, it's all pretty much affordable considering the availability and the variety. You can even go at it free just by strolling along the Baywalk. But, that is, of course, for the fierce of heart with all those tempting amusements all laid out.

It is truly heartwarming to see the place looking so lively and teeming with people. And, judging by the additional establishments and attractions that have sprung up, it must be pulling in a lot of money, which is really good for our working Filipino and our flailing economy.

So, if you're free and want to have fun at a pocket-friendly price, round up your family and friends and head on over to Baywalk. It promises to be truly a nice spot by the bay.

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