Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At a Cost

A young man poised for life, a father of four young children, a simple lumberjack, they and a lot more (toll at 2,000 according to CCN count), dead in the war in Iraq.

It seems impossible to imagine that in our world now, full of technological breakthroughs and amazing discoveries, the act of war, that of sacrificing human lives for a cause, still exists.

Of course, conflicts abound. With a great number of people in this world and developing different cultures and perceptions, it is bound to arise. But, people have become more intelligent and diplomatic that we tend to go for the lawful way of resolving conflicts. That is why the concept of war has become almost an atrocity.

Terorism and violence brings the same feeling of revulsion. To combat these are the reasons cited by the US President for going into the Iraq war.

For us Filipinos, US and their war would seem much too far to bother ourselves with. But seeing articles about their mounting casualties, the families left by their dead soldiers, brought home the fact that, these too, are people. Much like us. I can only hope and pray that we don't go to war, ever.

I can only imagine what the women in America whose husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers go through in fear of their men's safety. More so with those who have lost their men in the war. My heart goes out to them.

I am no expert in international relations but surely the pain and suffering brought by war to a country's citizens should be enough to tell their President that it's not such a good idea. And, that maybe, just maybe, there's a far more nobler cause to fight for: To be able to simply live with the people one loves most.


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