Saturday, September 17, 2005

Those 80's Shows

For women, TV and movie watching can actually be prescribed as an all-time cure and a relatively inexpensive form of therapy for all feminine maladies (next to window-shopping, of course). If TV monitors can speak, I'd bet there'll be a lot of exposes to end all exposes (Hello Garci, including) about their long-suffering female buddies. They are the silent witnesses to the confessions, ranting and tears of those who have turned into their offer of great, cinematic escape.

But, not all of those moments were in time of need. We do enjoy just plunking in front of the tube to watch our fave movies, series and stars.

To this day, I feel sad that all this great series have bade goodbye to the screens (sorry, if you don't recognize some of them, but of course, there's always Google to enlighten you and make you realize you've missed half of your life for not seeing them): Murphy Brown (smart, funny series about a frenetic career woman); From Rags to Riches (teen series that had a lot of fun song and dance numbers); Friday the 13th the Series (scary but believable stories); Quantum Leap (time travel forays); Beverly Hills 90210 (the great teen American series); Now and Again (sci-fi regeneration theory); Relic Hunter (great action and history series); Sabrina (pre-Harry Potter but no less magical days) and of course, Friends (need I say more about this?).

I wish they'd offer them again. I would still be an avid fan. I really enjoyed said series, those times when I'd laugh to my heart's content for the smart, sassy remarks of Murphy Brown, and the fast, furiously funny repartees of the Friend's cast. I miss seeing those teen series (even though I'm not one, anymore) because they made me see that although the kids in the US seem more glamorous and fun, they're still kids, after all and they're funny, too. I actually enjoyed being scared by all those missing, eerie antiques being tracked by cousins Ryan and Micki in Friday the 13th series. And (gasp!), I found relics and history interesting because of Sydney Fox in Relic Hunter.

Of course I have new favorites now: CSI, Will and Grace, 7 Days, What I Like About You, and our very own, Encantadia (great storyline and costumes!). And, the long-past Meteor Garden and Full House (telenovelas, sure, so sue me). All of these new shows can't compare with the ones before, though. They come and go.

No competition there. I don't know if it's an effect of capitalism. Shows constantly replaced by new ones when they're not piling up on the rates without thought that the shows that grow on people lasts the most. Those that they were able to identify with and have grown accustomed to. These are the shows that people take to their hearts and home. The ones that lasts, long after the TV curtains have come down.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Travesty

The impeachment case has been junked. I don't know how most people feel about this, but, I am thoroughly disgusted.

Those anti-impeachment members of the Congress should be held accountable for this. They truly do not deserve to have the trust placed in them by their constituents. They have shown quite flagrantly, who they obey and bow to, and it's not their people, the ones who voted for them and who have put them in those position, but GMA.

It is more than sad. It's infuriating. To have that position of responsibility, to be the voice of your people and be deliberately deaf and blind to it. They have become like their master. May their servitude bring them the goods they're hoping for because they'd only get to enjoy it here on earth and suffer thereafter. I doubt it would put them well in God's graces.

As for the distrust and discontent of the Filipino people, the coming days and months will really determine what GMA's judgment is. There won't be theatrics, haggling and debates anymore but a simple show of force by the people. There won't be lying mediators, such as the the administration congressmen, to block the people's intention to seek the truth.

As the saying goes, it ain't over till the fat man sings. Or, in this case, it's not over till the Filipino people says it so.

I am waiting to see what the real outcome of the people's judgment on GMA's case will be.