Saturday, June 18, 2005

My Pre-Schooler

chantelle in her CSR uniform in her first day of school

My daughter, Chantelle, started her first day at Kindergarten on 6 June 2005 at Colegio de Santa Rosa, Manila. My mother accompanied her and was allowed to stay all through the period, which was from 7 to 11:30 in the morning.

It went fairly well. In fact, she was very excited and was up early. When they got there and after the morning school ceremony was over, she went quietly with the teacher to the classroom. She didn't cry or anything about the new surroundings or the great number of kids and students she saw.

My mother told me though, that Chantelle kept standing up during the class and looking out the window to check if she was there. It would seem that everything's okay with her as long as she knows her grandmother was there.

Thus, her first day at school went.

After the initial excitement, I was afraid that she'd get tired of school. Thankfully, though, that did not happen. Sometimes, it's hard to get her up in the mornings, but, once she's taken her bath, she doesn't need any prodding to dress and hurry in time for her school service to pick her up.

The second week, when the parents or guardians are no longer allowed beyond the school gate, we just sent her off on her school bus. I thought she'd make a fuss but she didn't. She really seems to like school which is great.

One day, though, after coming home from school, she told me nonchalantly that she didn't get a star (its their top grade) from her teacher. I asked why, and she told me that she refused to write when her teacher asked her to. I know that she has a little trouble writing now and I understand. So, I just told her to at least try and that if she doesn't know how to do something, then she should ask help from her teacher. She thought about that and then nodded yes to me. I thought that that was it. But the next day, she did the same thing, refused to write in school. I scolded her then, telling her to work hard in school. I know she's still young but I feel she needs to realize the importance of education at an early age. I then sat with her to let her try to do some writing. She was able to do it after some prodding. I would have to guide her closely on that, I guess.

But, beyond that, I feel really happy that my daughter is in school now. She's met a lot of friends already and are learning a lot of things everyday. She tells me about her school activities and it's gratifying to hear her enjoying school (even if the tuition's really high!). But, that's not something I would want her to worry about. My husband and I will make sure of that.

So, school begins for my daughter Chantelle. Still a lot of years ahead for her in the academe. And, I pray she'll really like every minute and learn and enjoy from it.

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