Friday, May 13, 2005

Blog for a Cause

I'm on my work shift and I feel so sleepy. Used to be able to access a site where free ebooks were provided but it's not working anymore. Maybe the person who put it up has decided, along with every capitalist in the country, that it's a waste to provide something that nice without a fee. Well...

Hate to just stare at my screen doing nothing. As much as I try to fight it, my eyelids keep drooping and I feel like getting comfortable on my seat. Much too comfortable which can very well earn me a warning from the powers-that-be should they see me lounging drowsily on my seat.

Hence, the post. An escape from the deceptively nice comforts of dropping off for a quick nap. Actually, surfing the net and using non-work related websites, such as blogger, have also been forbidden at work. But, seeing as I haven't mastered the art of looking wide awake and alert while my mind is off to dreamland makes me quite sure I'm choosing the path of lesser evil.

It's easier to hide what I'm doing on my computer than pretending not to be asleep at my seat. So, I'll just try to be casual and wave and smile while I close non-work related website whenever the authorities get too close. Really, I don't relish being made to feel like a criminal at work by not sticking to that rule. Surely there are lots of useful sites on the net. I believe that reading and learning from them is much more productive than sitting and doing nothing. But, again, it's not within my sphere of influence. Nor something I can do anything about. So, I'll do my own thing and hope that everything will fall into place. Like, hopefully, circumstances take a good turn at work.

Yeah, I know I can beat Sleep at work. No caffeine or energy boosters needed. Just, one simple blogging.

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