Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Light Relief

In one of my book review projects in college, a professor once commented that happiness cannot be sustained, that was why he prefer to read political, practical or self-help books. It sparked a debate that lasted all throughout the period. And, I say now as I did then, that I beg to differ.

Life, as it is, can sometimes be difficult. So, people find diversions or ways to escape their problems even for just a moment. These can either be constructive or destructive depending on the person.

Aside from tv, movie-watching tops the list. I admit that I like to watch funny romantic movies that my husband and even my male friends scoff at. They say those movies are pure nonsense and are a waste of one's time. Of course, I vehemently disagree with that.

My all-time favorites of Sound of Music, Pretty Woman, Serendipity, Clueless, A Walk to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, Sweet Home Alabama, Shrek, Toy Story and such have all provided me with much enjoyment and comic relief. Trying times or no, it's pure pleasure just to plonk in front of the TV, insert the copy of said movie into the player, lie back into the pillows with a handy box of chips and nachos, and lose oneself in the fairy-tale drama where hope, happiness and love always reigns.

It's true that it's not realistic. And, watching and believing in those movies will not solve any problem. But how can it hurt when, after watching such movies, a person feels much braver and hopeful in life? The childlike feeling alone generated, of being safe and warm and loved and of endless adventures in life, is priceless.

Not that I don't appreciate Schindler's List, Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves and other deep, serious, and issue-oriented movies, but in terms of preference, I would most definitely go with the other.

One already sees and reads such terrible news in media so why be depressed more by reading and watching like stories?

Happiness, like all other emotions, cannot be indefinitely sustained. But, it's something we all should work at. And, if ever we need additional help in that department, then watching funny, feel-good movies with loved ones is definitely one answer.

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