Monday, March 07, 2005

In Cupid's Absence

I used to think that my life's pretty boring. That is, the everyday formula of home-school-home-school with just the occasional night out with friends. My usual company, aside from family and and a few close friends, were books. If ever there was a contest for The Most Uneventful ergo The Most Boring Life, I definitely would have qualified.

I wasn't complaining about it. I mean, it was peaceful and uncomplicated, but at times, I longed for something just so it could be a bit more special.

Now, I can't even imagine my life ever been boring. With a husband and a four-year-old daughter, the hours of the day seem not to be enough to do everything and do it well.

There is always something left to do. Some little thing to be finished. If, before, I used to think of activities to fill my time, now, i can't even plan! I just do what needs to be done right away. Which is a lot when one is working and there's a home and a child to attend to. Upon getting home at the end of a work day, one is faced with dirty clothes, the dishes, and the clutter. The woes of household chores.

I'd think of my single life before when I could just laze around, daydream and mull over things. Wake up and clean my clutter whenever I wanted. Leave and get out when I want to. But, now, I hardly have time for myself. Spouse and child can be most demanding of one's time.

But, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Far from it. Being a wife and mother on top of one's career is a lifetime's work but it is infinitely rewarding. A smile, a small task mastered by my child, a tender hug or a kiss from my husband is enough to make me at peace with the world. They're my own little haven.

So, what's the point of going on about this? I guess its just a reaction to what my single and available friends have been lamenting. Most of them are members of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) society while some can't find a serious relationship with a guy. They're all saying how life seems to be passing them by, no excitement, no thrills and definitely no Prince Charming sweeping them off their feet.

Unfortunately, not even tarot cards nor Madam Auring's crystal ball can whip up good, enduring and ready-made romances for these friends of mine. But, surely love will come. It's just a matter of time.

All those fairy-tales of princesses living happily ever after with their respective prince would not have endured all these years if people didn't believe in them. If there wasn't a touch of the romantic in each and everyone then these stories would not have passed from generations to generations. Each story beautiful and ideal with which we can pattern our own.

Of course with this playful imp called Life, not everything will always go as planned. So, if it's taking some time for that Romeo to stumble into you, worry not, for sooner or later he will come. For now, savor that sweet, uncomplicated and totally free moments of being single. Just do what you always like to do best and soon, a wonderful guy will see that in you and love you for it.

Cupid's love arrows may not be raining much now but women have been blessed with patience and the arts of gentle persuasion that will always put them in good stead in winning over their men. The world is full and round and we cannot stop meeting people, knowing them, and possibly loving them than we can stop ourselves from breathing.


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