Sunday, March 13, 2005

Beyond the Obvious

I just read a blog from a college acquiantance about love, life and sex. But, mostly about sex. She was so open about that aspect in her life it was a bit surprising. See, when I met her in college she was innocently simple, sweet and charming. Of course, a lot of years have passed and people change but I still couldn't quite reconcile the girl, or rather the woman from her blog to what I remembered of her in college. She seemed very much like a woman of the world now. Independent, career-driven and living the really fast life.

Now, before you go and get the wrong idea, she is NOT a sex maniac. She just happens to be very open about her sensuality and her subsequent escapades in that department. Pretty amazing, in fact. Not the number nor the scale of her feats but her very attitude about the whole thing.

I admit that I consider that admirable. For a woman to wear her heart on her sleeve and be so open about her sex life is really amazing. Especially in a culture such as the Philippines who hasn't quite shaken off the old world ideals of a woman pure and untouched until her monogamous and lifelong marriage. And the taboo of being public about certain subjects such as sex.

Her posts reflect an image of a strong woman who is a deep lover of love and life. One who's not afraid to foray into the unknown and take risks simply because she follows what her heart, and not her head, tells her to do.

You may wonder who she is and might even want to read her blog just so you see what I'm talking about, but since I'm not a friend of hers and don't have her permission, I cannot say. You might say that's bull. It's a blog and as such, fit for public consumption, right? Wrong, like most blogs, hers has a tone to them that makes the reader feel that the posts should not simply be read, but felt and understood as well.

Truly, not everything is what they seem. Like, if a person happens to chance upon her blog, reads it, and gets the idea of a wild woman whose morals seem a bit too loose, it would be a natural conclusion. But, again too simplistic and much too hasty a judgment.

I myself thought that the person in question underwent a catastrophic metamorphosis if I not remembered the way she spoke and thought when we were in college. She is not like what her face-value blog portrays. I realize that if that's the case, then others like her, women who find it easy to flirt and go into one-night stand should not be dismissively labelled as "easy" or "loose". They, like most people, are only looking for love and affection. They may not always go about it in a way others would deem right or acceptable, but again, emotions rule them. They are best happy when in love. And, since happiness is a one commodity that people should always have a lot of, who are we to say that it's wrong?

Just as there will always be believers and skeptics, so too are the incurable romantics.


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