Thursday, February 24, 2005


My 4 year old daughter took the entrance exam for kindergarten at my alma mater today.
Not to brag, but, well, she got 28 points out of 30. She also passed the oral exam with flying colors. Must really take after me.

The brochure given showed the new, vastly improved looks of the school. It's hard to believe that it's the same one I went to. It looks polished, streamedlined and really beautiful. Not homey, though, like it was before. Of course, the tuition fee corresponds to the gloss and posh of the school. Way high but one that I believe will be worth it for my unica hija.

I'm still trying to get used to the idea of me sending my child to school when it still feels like yesterday when I was going there myself. I remember vividly my own preparatory exam. It was a nun who interviewed me and gave me the exam. I remember feeling a bit frightened when I had to leave my mother outside and the nun took me to this big, examination room. She asked me questions about my name, age, where I live, father and mother's name, etc. Afterwards, she took out a poster with shapes and colors on it and asked me to identify each and every one of them. At first, I was hesitant in answering because I was staring at her, uncomfortable because I didn't know her and it was the first time I got that close to someone wearing something over their hair. I wondered why she'd cover it up when it was so hot. (The rooms in the school weren't airconditioned then.) To me, she looked a little weird all covered up. I wanted to ask her myself but I was a shy child (hard to believe, now, haha).

Then I remember the nun saying: that was great, you may go to your mom, now. I ran outside and bumped into another nun just coming in. Whoa, I seriously thought they would take that against me but apparently they didn't because they informed my mother that I passed.

Then, I felt so happy and excited that I'm finally going to school. You see, at seven, I was already a late comer. I had to wait a year because of my corrective surgery for polio. In fact, It was I who had to convince my mother that I'm up to the physical demands of schooling and to finally enroll me.

It was a private, exclusive school for girls ran by nuns which costs a lot even then. But, years after, having completed my grade and high school years at Santa Rosa, I felt no regret. I met a lot of nice people there and the years were all happy and full of accomplishments. It was also there that my faith and religious practices were shaped. We definitely did not lack in prayers, retreats, confessions and masses attended.

I hope that my child will also meet treasured friends there and that she'll love the school as much as I did. In truth, I would want her to enjoy learning far more than I'd want her to be highly accomplished in terms of honors and awards. I mean, if she will be, that would be great but it would just be a bonus.

Only a few months left before school starts and my daughter becomes a student. Wow, my baby is going to school. I don't know If I should feel a bit sad that my daughter is growing up, but in truth, I feel excited for her. It would be like reliving my young school days. Can't wait, this will definitely be something.


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