Sunday, February 27, 2005


I first heard of the wonders of blogging from Goldi, an office friend. She's a real techie and good at PC stuff. So, I checked out her blog and it was really good. One can see that she poured time and effort in it. However, it was a bit intimidating since it was so good and has all this fine details like the kiss/cursor thing, the chat feature at the side, and a whole bunch of others. She urged me to give it a try because she knew that I love to write. I said okay but, being the technically-lazy person that I am, and after listening to her talk about HTML without me understanding a thing, I did not do it. Not until a couple of months at least and then, wham! Here I am, writing, editing, and blog-hopping to my heart's content. Should have known this could be addictive from what I witnessed of Goldi. Now, with the rest of my officemates hooked, we constantly bombard her with blog-related queries that she has less time to do her own. Well, can't really blame us.

It seems that a lot of people are into blogging already. And, it was great since I was able to reconnect with friends and acquiantances through it. Cellphones, e-mails and chat, however nice, have their limitations.

With blogging, people get to think out loud, sort their thoughts, and look back on past experiences. No one can tell them off or even restrict what they write or post because it's their own. It's writing and publishing without the hassles of editors and print restrictions. It is empowering, and as such, gives the term "freedom of speech" a whole new meaning.

Frankly, this "freedom" is what amazed me when I first started blog-hopping. Most people have a thing about privacy that we take great care in what we say lest it comes back to us. But, with blogging, people don't seem to think much of that anymore. I have read such personal experiences and accounts on human relationships that it's like watching an online telenovela with all the requisite elements of drama, shock and suspense.

But, amazingly, it works. At times, I find myself glued reading a person's blog, following the trail of posts to try to discern what happened and how the issue will end. Like a good story, but since this one is all too real making it the more potent, one gets hooked reading.

It's not like chismis or rumor-mongering where people mostly get hurt over fabricated or wrongly-embellished stories. This time, it's a personal account from real people. For the blogger, whatever he or she posts do not require judgement from whoever reads them. It's like, read my post and take it any way you want it. Either way, I've said my piece. The reader, on the other hand, is freed from the unspoken bond of silence over personal information since it was freely given.

Blogging, or online diary as I see it, becomes a way for a person to unburden himself. To the blogger's friends and relatives, it's an open letter where they can get a feel of the person's well-being without being too inquisitive or "pakialamera."

Truly, blogging is developing in ways one can only deem nicely. People get to publish their thoughts, ideas and experiences not only in healing ways, they can also be very creative about it. Blogs are, more common than not, beautifully laid out. Aside from that, they can practice their writing skills which the current grammar-challenged texting craze has slowly eroded.

So, along with telenovelas and koreanovelas, the blog-e-novela advents.

There will always be fascination with people and their lives. And any medium through which they can be expressed becomes highly popular. This comes as no surprise. Life, after all, is an everyday drama lived by all.


goldi said...

well said liz! galeng!

LuiGirl said...

Hi Liz! Like you said, its addicting! It's your fault really, getting me hooked on this. All you said are true, blogging lets you take on the challenge of expressing your feelings and thoughts. Blogging gives you the the extra boom in your voice that lets the whole world take part and listen. Miss you dear! I'm looking forward to more wonderful posts from you. God Bless!

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